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If you are looking for a reputable and experienced Phoenix criminal, divorce or custody attorney, contact Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC, at 602-449-7980.

Juvenile Crimes

Due to their age, children receive special treatment in Arizona. Unfortunately, because of their youth, they often do not comprehend the ramifications of their actions until it is too late. A juvenile conviction (known as an “Adjudication”) may cause immediate and irreparable harm to your child’s future. A record can interfere with your child’s admission to a university and their ability to secure a good job. 

Under some circumstances a child can be charged with a crime as an adult. This can happen by “direct filing” from the County Attorney’s Office or by a “transfer” proceeding. 

Our job is to aggressively defend your child’s rights and develop a defense strategy which mitigates the effects of the charge on your child’s future.

Representative Cases

  • Non-violent offenses: Defense of juveniles accused of computer and credit card fraud
  • Street crime: Defense of juveniles accused of robbery, assault and other violent acts
  • Organized crime: Defense of juveniles accused of gang activity
  • Sex offenses: Defense of juveniles accused of sexual misconduct
  • High profile matters: Defense of a juvenile accused of a series of well publicized arson offenses in North Phoenix
  • Reservation offenses: Defense of juvenile accused of assault on peace officer on Federal Indian Reservation